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♪Let's chat in Portuguese!♪

Vamos bater um papo em Português?

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Welcome to the N3Plus "Bate-Papo em Portugues" - an unique opportunity to boost your Portuguese skills in a relaxed atmosphere, having a conversation with native Brazilian Portuguese speakers. And it's FREE!

"Bate-Papo" means "chat" in Portuguese, so the main idea is to gather people from different backgrounds that share the same interest (learning Brazilian Portuguese language) and have a nice chat about different subjects such as culture, history, politics, economics etc.

The only requirement is that all participants make an effort to speak only Portuguese during the event. Don't feel intimidated if your Portuguese is not good enough. Everybody is here to learn!

For more information on the upcoming classes, please check our Events page in Japanese.

Starting from February 16 2016, the classes have been held according to the following schedule:
#1: February 16, 2016
#2: February 23, 2016
#3: March 1, 2016
#4: March 8, 2016
#5: October 18, 2016
#6: June 14, 2017

Notice: the event schedule and time are subject to change. For the most updated information, please contact us or check the website in Japanese.